Worxbee Reviews – Is Worxbee a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Worxbee Reviews

Worxbee Reviews : If you are looking for a legitimate business opportunity that pays well, then you should read through Worxbee Reviews. This article will discuss the scam and the legitimate aspects of this program. There is no doubt that this program has the potential to make you a good EA, but do you really need to join? Is Worxbee a good place to start? Read on for the answers. You may be surprised by the answer!

Review of Worxbee

If you are in need of a virtual executive assistant, Worxbee may be the right tool for you. The company is a digital resource that matches executives with business leaders and distributes key resources. Their goal is to empower business owners and executives and help them grow in the process. While many of these individuals cannot be present in person, these professionals are highly-experienced and capable of tackling complex tasks and issues. Worxbee aims to make business better in the future, but it also helps those in need of assistance.

Is it a scam or legit?

Founded by Kenzie Biggins, Worxbee pairs remote Executive Assistants with client companies. The company launched before the #WFH phenomenon hit the world and the idea of a virtual assistant was widespread. After graduating from SCAD, Biggins felt the burden of student loan debt and corporate culture. She wanted more. The company’s video-based training program has helped thousands of women and men improve their writing, presentation, and business skills.

The company’s core values are closely aligned with Biggins’ own. These core values can’t be the opposite of who you are. Therefore, it doesn’t feel fake. The company’s culture is built around Biggins‘ personal values and is reflected in the company’s mission statement. Moreover, it enables the team to better serve customers. As a result, they are able to match the right employee with the right customer.

Is it a good place to work as an EA?

One of the reasons Worxbee has become so successful is the way it matches the right EA with the right client. The company has more than 11,000 employees, and it has been cited in national media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. The company was also featured in a “60 Minutes” episode about “The Great Resignation” (the predicted 20 million people will quit their jobs by the year 2021). Using LinkedIn data to understand the career goals of its employees, the company has helped match a variety of different personalities with similar skills and interests.

The Worxbee team is comprised of experienced executive assistants who pair up with a business leader. Worxbee invoices and pays its EAs remotely, allowing them to balance several clients at once. At press time, Worxbee employed close to 50 EAs, and is actively hiring more to meet the growing demand for the services of executive assistants. At the time of writing, business slowed until the end of 2020, but once firms started adapting to the technology and remote working, the company’s revenue skyrocketed.

The team understands the needs of visionaries and integrators. They can help the companies’ leaders grow by helping them develop new products and services. Providing these tools to the employees will make their lives easier, and their team members happier, more productive, and more efficient. The company’s visionary founder has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. The company’s team members value their work ethic, which is why Kenzie Biggins is a Greenville resident and founder of Worxbee.

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