What should you need to know about Tourniu Reviews

Tourniu Reviews

Tourniu Reviews : As a producer of fundamental items for kids, Tourniu has been in business for over 65 years. Despite that, the organization’s website is relatively new, registering on 22 June 2022. The website lists items in the category of child gear and other home items, but there are no contact details, office hours, or stockroom. The website is also missing information about customer support. The Tourniu organization has yet to respond to requests for feedback.

Website design

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The website was registered on 22 June 2022, making it 23 days old. It is a website that sells baby gear and other home products. The website is lacking contact details, such as the office and warehouse addresses. There are also no social media icons on the homepage or product pages. In addition, the website does not display any information on its shipping or return policies.


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Return policy

Tourniu is a store that sells various products including baby gear, home furniture, and toys. It was established in 2022 and has a trust rating of 2%. The website offers a variety of products at different price points. Its customer service and delivery time are poor and the return policy is also confusing.

Tourniu offers delivery within the United States as well as internationally. Orders are usually delivered within 48 hours, although delivery times may vary by country. In the US, normal shipments take between 10 and 12 hours. The website accepts both credit cards and PayPal. If you’re not happy with a product, you can return it within fourteen days.

Social media

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When searching for baby products online, you’ll find a variety of options. Besides baby gear, you can also shop for home products, toys, and other collections. In fact, Tourniu is the largest seller of daily baby care products. Their items include strollers, electric rockers, folding beds, and portable feeding systems.

Is Tourniu a scam or a genuine company?

This review looks at the pros and cons of the online store Tourniu. It offers a 40% discount on all its products, which may seem too good to be true. It also has no official social media page. There are a few reasons why you should avoid this online store.

The first problem with Tourniu is that it doesn’t provide an office address or warehouse address. There are no social media icons either. However, the company does ship internationally and to the United States. Tourniu accepts credit cards and PayPal. It is also possible to cancel an order up to 14 days after delivery.

The website claims to be a trusted baby gear provider. The site also focuses on comfort, durability, and safety. It has a large selection of clothing, furniture, and other baby gear. The company’s website also offers helpful tools for parents. While the company’s website has a low trust score, it does offer a large selection of products that parents can trust.

Link https://www.tourniu.com/
Age 22 June 2022
Trust Score 2%
Social Media Appreance N/A
Alexa Rank 2853971
Category Home Improvement
Return policy 14 Days
Shipping policy 10-12 Days
Contact Number Details +44 7360723617
Email Address [email protected]
Payment via PayPal and credit cards

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