The Tyrants Only Perfumer Chapter 1: All you need to know

The Tyrants Only Perfumer

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Zhongli in The Tyrants Only Perfumer

‘Zhongli, the tyrant’s only perfumer’ was the name given to the man who would become the tyrant’s most valuable asset – his wife, Liyue. The name means ‘to smell good’ and it was a very appropriate choice, considering the tyrant would be using his scent to woo Liyue. He would then be able to make the right choice for the bride as he had the right knowledge and experience.

The effect of Zhongli is not game-changing, but it increases the maximum Stone Steles, and the duration of petrification is two seconds. These aren’t worth spending Primogems on, so he should be a pull only if you don’t already have him. The Constellation effect gives nearby characters a shield. During multiplayer, he can shield other players with this effect.


Ariel, the Tyrant’s Only Perfumer is a historical romance novel by Kate Morton. The novel is set during the reign of King George III of England, and takes place in the late sixteenth century. It is the story of a dying young woman named Ariel Winston, who, while suffering from a fatal illness, accidentally reincarnated herself as the main antagonist of the novel. Because of her condition, Ariel is unable to marry her lover, Duke Cedric Evans. Despite his desire for Ariel, he can’t break off their relationship because of her perfume.

Ariel, the tyrants’ only perfumier, has a talent for perfumery. However, one mistake she made was forgetting to add alcohol. This made the perfume taste like a different scent, but Charlotte, the duke’s girlfriend, didn’t pick up on the mistake. After all, she was using Ariel’s alcohol-free perfume for her!

While preparing the perfumes for the Duke’s wedding, the Duke’s letter reveals a hidden message from the Duke. The letter is accompanied by a note that tells the trio to start a new salon in the castle. Upon reading this message, Lina and Ariel are thrilled to start a new business with Cedrick. However, Ariel realizes that she cannot do it on her own.

Duke Cedric in The Tyrants Only Perfumer

In the novel, a young woman with an incurable disease wakes up as the antagonist, Ariel Winston. Ariel’s relationship with Duke Cedric Evans falls apart when she realizes that her love interest is a perfumer. The Duke is cursed with a condition that makes him bloodthirsty when he cannot continuously smell. Ariel becomes a part of his life, despite her condition, but it does not stop her from being attracted to him.

The store is a large, two-story space where Lina keeps her journal. Ariel is excited to see her first scent in a shop, but it takes a while. The store is so large that Ariel can’t believe it’s actually in the same building. Cedrick has told his workers that they will finish the job within a month, but the workers object. They say they won’t be able to finish the construction in a month, so the tyrants only perfumer will be a mighty force in the kingdom.

There are many ways to read The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer manga. The author Updating, a site that has translated over 60 chapters of the series, has a corresponding website, where readers can find the story online. You can sign up for an account to keep up to date with new chapters and other news about the series. The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer manga is an excellent read, and it is a good addition to your collection.

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