PewDiePie Chair Review: Scam or legit?

pewdiepie chair

The Clutch Chairz company makes a PewDiePie-designed chair. You can only purchase this chair online. This makes it even more unique than your average office chair. It is one of the few gaming chairs that allow you to experience zero gravity while you sit. The model also lacks height adjustments, which is unfortunate, but it is still worth the price. Here are some pros and cons. You can decide for yourself if this gaming chair is worth your money by reading this review.

Memory foam

The ClutchChairz Throttle Series PewDiePie gaming chair uses high density memory foam and an ergonomic steel frame. The chair offers excellent neck and lumbar support. PU leather upholstery adds extra comfort and softness to the chair. The PewDiePie edition gaming chair is available at an affordable price. Weighing only a little over three pounds, this chair is a perfect companion for gamers.

The PewDiePie gaming chair has excellent ergonomics and is adjustable up to 135 degrees. It features a frame that allows you to move your body fifty degrees. The high-density memory foam gives you a zero-gravity feel. If you have trouble finding a comfortable chair for your gaming needs, consider upgrading to the Throttle Series. You can find this chair on Amazon for just $130.

PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers today. His feud with T-series has helped his video channel to become a worldwide sensation. His armies of 9-year-olds have only grown since. Since the feud, PewDiePie has received special awards, such as an office chair mat. Clutch is releasing a new PewDiePie chair in September 2019.

Zero-gravity feeling

The PewdiePie chair is ergonomically designed and constructed with a strong tubular steel frame. The frame is sturdy and supports up to 330 pounds. The caster wheels on the PewdiePie chair are smooth and allow for easy swiveling. It also features padded headrest and armrests for extra comfort and support. The chair’s ergonomic design makes it a comfortable choice for long hours of sitting.

PewDiePie’s gaming chair is ergonomically designed and offers the same zero-gravity feeling as the famous YouTuber. It features a lumbar support, headrest, and a reclinable backrest. Its construction also includes high-density memory foam, making it comfortable for all users. Its frame is also sturdy and reinforced to withstand extreme use.

Lack of height adjustments

The Pewdiepie computer chair is a popular choice among many consumers, but one of the main complaints is the lack of height adjustments. Pewdiepie’s customized version has solid rocking mechanisms and adjustable arms and headrests to make it comfortable. This type of chair is designed to be used for long periods of time and is recommended for people with back or neck pain. This chair also has a strong, durable steel frame and a lumbar cushion for optimal support.

PewDiePie’s gaming chair is not the most ergonomically-sound model available. However, it is very durable, has a comfortable covering, and fantastic elements for height adjustments. The PewDiePie chair was designed by the company CLUTCH CHAIRZ in collaboration with PewDiePie, a well-known pro gamer. In addition to being an excellent, affordable gaming chair, it also features PewDiePie’s signature pattern and seal of approval.


The PewDiePie chair is a popular gaming chair that aims to provide gamers with a comfortable and supportive gaming environment. PewDiePie is a Swedish Let’s Player and a YouTube personality with over 110 million subscribers. He also produces various TV shows and streams content on YouTube, including CoD and vlogging. The price of a PewDiePie chair varies, depending on the features it offers and where you can purchase it.

PewDiePie’s gaming chair was released in November 2017 and comes with a $399 price tag. The chair is sold only through the Clutch Chairz website, so it’s impossible to buy it from a larger traditional retailer. However, you can purchase a regular Clutch Throttle Series gaming chair on Amazon, but you won’t get the free Prime shipping that PewDiePie’s chair offers.

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