The Brenda Gantt Book – Facebook Fame and Delicious Recipes For the Whole Family

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Brendaganttbook com : Have you heard of Brenda Gantt? She’s the FACE of the South this month and has touched the lives of many people in her isolation. In this article, we’ll take a look at the author’s Facebook fame and discuss the family recipes that she has created. Whether you’re a fan of Brenda Gantt or not, you’ll enjoy this piece. It is a must-read for all fans of the southern cooking legend!

Brenda Gantt

The Brenda Gantt Book contains simple, delicious recipes for the whole family. Brenda’s recipes are known to have a “magic touch.” The secret ingredient in this cookbook? Love. Not just for her family, but for God as well. Each recipe in this cookbook is meant to make your heart sing! Here are some of the recipes you can try out today! The following are just a few of my favorites:

Cooking With Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook is a great way to get your family involved with cooking. This cookbook contains easy-to-follow recipes and a step-by-step guide to cooking. The recipes can be used for any type of meal, from main courses to desserts. It’s easy to cook from the Brenda Gantt Book, and it even teaches you how to create a fitness plan!

Aside from being an Alabama favorite, Gantt’s cooking method is unique in that she prefers to make a lot of her food from scratch. She does not measure her ingredients, and many of her recipes have very few ingredients. White Lily flour and Alabama brand are her preferred brands. Whether you’re baking from scratch or buying a mix, she is guaranteed to make it delicious! If you’re wondering about the recipe’s authenticity, the book is worth a look!

Her family recipes

If you’re looking for a cookbook that is sure to please the whole family, look no further than Brenda Gantt’s first one, “Our Southern Family Recipes.” A collection of more than 100 of her favorite recipes, these family recipes are sure to satisfy any palate and cater to all age groups. You’ll want to sit down with this cookbook and enjoy her personal stories about her upbringing in a small town.

The cookbook includes recipes for desserts, sides, and fried chicken. There are also recipes for black-eyed peas, sliced tomatoes, and okra. Even the pickiest cooks can find something on Brenda’s website to satisfy their sweet tooth. The website also has a link to purchase her cookbook. You can also order your copy online at

The cookbook is not only delicious but also easy to follow. The secret ingredient, or magic touch, in these recipes is Brenda Gantt’s love for her family and friends. Every dish she prepares reflects her heart. The site also contains price and shipping information. You can get your hands on this unique cookbook today! You’ll love the recipes, which make the heart sing! If you haven’t tried them yet, you’ll definitely want to give them a try.

Her Facebook fame

Former schoolteacher Brenda Gantt has gone viral on Facebook after one of her cooking videos went viral. Now, the Facebook personality has millions of fans. Known as Big Mama to her family, Gantt uses social media to share her family’s favorite recipes and experiences in the kitchen. Her recipes are often Southern-inspired and are popular with her followers. Her latest video shows her making buttermilk biscuits. In addition to her Facebook fame, Gantt also has a podcast and a cookbook coming out in late 2021.

Gantt earns $10 per thousand views on her cooking videos and has over 2.5 million followers on Facebook. Her cooking videos have received millions of views on YouTube. In addition to her Facebook fame, Brenda Gantt also has a large Instagram following. She has more than 190k followers and has written a cookbook with over 100 recipes. It’s no wonder that Brenda Gantt’s Facebook fame has increased so significantly.

Gantt’s cooking videos have gone viral due to her devout Christian faith. She shares personal stories about shopping in Andalusia and uses Dixie Dirt rub to cook her meat. She also gave her followers a tour of the Hilltop Meat Company and Seafood Restaurant in Andalusia. Brenda’s Facebook fame has been spreading like wildfire on the internet. But Gantt isn’t just a celebrity, she’s an ordinary woman.

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